What is email marketing?

Email marketing is understood to be the use of email to carry out marketing campaigns. marketing between the people who have provided us with the data for these purposes. Not to be confused with spam, or sending mass emails without prior consent. In addition, this last behavior is prohibited by the regulations on data protection.

Advantages of email marketing

Mailing or email marketing has many advantages, among which we can find:

  • High efficiency in reaching potential customers
  • Through the sending of so-called newsletters or newsletters, allows to maintain and cultivate a long-term relationship with users or customers.
  • Has a coste very low, in relation to other media. Some tools are even free, at certain basic levels, like Mailchimp. Other email marketing tools are: eweber, infusionshoft, sendinblue.com, acumbamail, Mail Relay ...
  • These platforms allow work to be optimized, sending the same message at the same time, or at different times, to a large number of people.
  • Most of these tools also allow so-called automation. That is, the possibility of programming email chains, from the moment a certain event or event occurs.
  • Has a high ROI (above 4000%). Especially motivated by low costs.
  • It is easy and fast. Less time and resources are spent than a direct marketing campaign using physical addresses.
  • The frequency of e-mails or email marketing campaigns can be varied, depending on the policy or the needs of the company
  • It doesn't require recipients to be in the same time zones, or to open the message as soon as they receive it.
  • All shipments can be automated through tools that manage email automation campaigns.

How to do email marketing?

The establishment of an email marketing strategy also depends on the objectives and needs of each company. The best policy is to add value to users or customers. Newsletters or marketing campaigns can also include information on new products, discounts, promotions, special discounts for events, etc.

But, one issue that should be clear is that emailing marketing clearly transcends email campaigns, since, through emailing marketing tools, it is possible to access a subscription page, a page from the email or newsletter sales, or the file of a product of E-commerce. In this way, the sale and purchase can become effective at the same time the email is read.

Also, it allows you to customize and segment the market, and even generate traffic to the web. We can see the results practically immediately, consult statistics or test different publications, to see which ones are more effective. It is what is called A / B test.

The inclusion of buttons with links to social networks also favors the viralization of email marketing content.

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