What is Empowerment?

The meaning of empowerment or empowerment is the management tool used by the areas of human resources of many companies to achieve better results, which basically consists of delegating or transmitting autonomy, responsibility and power to the workers of a company so that they can solve problems and make decisions without having the approval of superiors. In this way, employees feel like they own their own work.

A translation of empowerment into Spanish would result in terms such as enable, empower, train, empower, allow or grant the right.

The main objective of business empowerment is to distribute correct levels of power and responsibility throughout the organization, in order to enhance the role of members within the community. This will also increase the dedication and effort of workers, as well as making the most of their skills and knowledge. In this sense, the employer branding which implies that your workers are the best prescribers of your brand.

Benefits of empowering the employee

Below we detail the advantages of empowerment in depth:

  • Workers have greater authority to perform their duties, more responsibility to perform tasks, and greater authority to resolve setbacks.
  • The superiors or bosses, instead of dedicating themselves exclusively to directing, allow employees to put their methods into practice, motivate, recognize successes and reward results.
  • The use of empowerment means that less time is wasted in consulting and obtaining the approval of those responsible.
  • More power and responsibility are given to workers, who will feel more valued and useful. This will have an impact on self esteem at work and commitment to the company.
  • Increased productivity, an improvement in total quality, greater competitiveness, better results and more satisfaction on the part of the client.
  • Correct an excessive centralization of the organization's powers.
  • It contributes to promoting group work and decision making immediate to changes in the environment of the company.

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