What is energy saving?

Saving energy, also known as energy efficiency or energy saving, is a key concept for sustainable development. In a planet where natural resources -especially energy- are wasted, the energy saving plan arises as a need to save available resources, safeguard non-renewable energy sources and reduce the impact of climate change on our planet.

Types of energy savings

The concept of energy saving is increasingly present in homes around the world, which are betting on energy saving methods at home to save some money and curb the negative consequences of the excessive use of energy resources. Among the most important energy saving measures are the following:

  • Bet on appliances that have low energy consumption. These electronic devices are marketed under categories A, B and C, which correspond to those with the lowest energy consumption.
  • Opt for solar energy, natural gas or biogas at the expense of electricity.
  • Take advantage of daylight and turn off the lights when leaving the room.
  • Close windows when heating or air conditioning is on.

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