What is hosting?

The concept of web hosting refers to a service where a supplier rents to the client a server connected to the internet, where different kinds of files are housed so that they can access them via the internet.

Hosting or web storage would be a procedure very similar to copying these files to a local folder on your computer, with the difference that this folder would be located in the server of the provider and its content would be visible if you allow it.

What is web hosting?

So that your web portal is always available you must have a web hosting where to store it. With a computer and an Internet connection it would not be enough for your page to be available to everyone.

Buying your own server and a powerful connection to the network is not the most convenient, especially because of the high price it would have. Hence, the most advisable thing would be to rent the hosting service.

In addition to essential file hosting services, web storage also includes other great services. value added. Here are more details on what hosting is for:

  • An email server that will facilitate you to have email accounts with your name domain.
  • Hosting of web applications in PHP and databases to create generalist pages, forums, online stores or blogs.
  • Create cloud storage with your own hosting service.
  • Access via FTP to save and download files.

Types of hosting

Depending on the type of website you have, you may need a hosting service or another.

  • Shared hosting: space is provided on a server where you share resources with other users. Depending on the chosen plan, it is possible to have different websites hosted on the same hosting.
  • Virtual VPS service: it is a physical server structured in different virtual machines independent of each other. As it is a shared hardware, the cost of the virtual service will also be cheaper compared to that of a physical server. This is not shared with anyone and provides more flexibility and power than a normal shared one.
  • Dedicated server: it is a physical machine with exclusive use for a single client.
  • Business hosting: combines greater power with ease of use. You have dedicated bandwidth, CPU and RAM memory, that is, what is necessary for web pages with high traffic.

What is the most suitable hosting for an e-commerce?

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