What is macroenvironment?

The macro environment is a concept related to marketing and economía. The macro environment is one of the two elements that make up the marketing environment. Formed by the macro environment and microenvironment. Both facilitate decision making within a company with the least possible uncertainty. They also improve adaptation to market changes.

Within a company macroenvironment is defined as the set of elements and external variables that, although affecting business activity, cannot be controlled by it. The elements that make up the macro-environment of a company often affect not only the company, but the entire society.

Therefore, the macroenvironment is characterized by being a set of elements over which the company has no control or capacity to act. The analysis of the macro environment is essential in the marketing strategies of a company. Its study serves so that the company can define opportunities that you can take advantage of and threats to protect yourself from.

Macro-environment variables

In economic terms, the macro environment is made up of the following factors that affect the activity of a company.

  • Demographic Factors: Formed by the characteristics of the population. Like their age, sex, level of mortality and birth rate.
  • Economic Factors: Those that refer to the level of income, inflation, monetary policies, interest rates or the level of unemployment.
  • Socio Cultural Factors: Related to the lifestyle of society. Its culture, traditions, values ​​and beliefs.
  • Political and Legal Factors: Those that affect business activity. Such as certain import or export laws or monetary or fiscal policies.
  • Technological Factors: Related to the level of productivity and development. Investments in R&D, obsolescence and new technologies that affect business activity.
  • Natural Factors: Formed by all those aspects that affect the obtaining and manipulation of the materials.

¿Quieres analizar el macroentorno de tu empresa? Entonces te interesa saber que estas variables deben estar presentes en el análisis PESTEL de tu negocio.

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