What is R + D + I?

The acronyms R + D + I refer to the terms Research, Development and Innovation, a concept superior to the existing R + D (Research + Development). The concept gets longer when pure sciences and social sciences are brought together, being the result of joining technologies, information and communication.

Since this broader term has existed, a continuous feedback process is necessary to encourage the context in which the companies or institutions that want to adapt this term to their production or areas of knowledge. Thus, we find that research tries to invest to obtain knowledge; while innovation invests in knowledge to get money.

The importance of this term lies in the possibility of becoming an important strength against products or processes that are capable of differentiating themselves from their competition and gaining in power and position. For this reason, many governments advocate disseminating such promises in their speeches that they ensure a more innovative and committed future for R & D & I.

Obviously, for all this to be carried out, it is necessary to have knowledge of what is being done and of the importance of the impact of the actions taken. For this reason, the Governments and States concerned will develop State Research Plans, capable of taking advantage of the technological resources at their disposal, as well as different innovative techniques capable of achieving the objectives that are proposed.

In the case of Spain, at a general level from the Government, they are trying to create plans and offer aid and subsidies for this process to take place. In addition, each Autonomous Community will invest what is necessary to help companies and individuals achieve certain objectives that allow them to position themselves at a high level in terms of R + D + i.

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