What is retargeting?

Retargeting in digital marketing is an online advertising technique used by agencies and advertisers with the purpose of recapturing potential customers that at the time did not become a sale or lead. The concept of retargeting focuses especially on those visitors to the website who left it without having made an action or purchase. It can be considered a complement to other online marketing techniques such as SEO, the content marketing, etc.

How to retargeting?

An example of retargeting is when a user enters an online store willing to make a purchase, but in the end regrets it and does not make it. You will end the session and continue browsing other pages. Most likely, while you continue on the network, you will see advertising for the item you wanted to buy.

Retargeting has the mission of reminding users that they have a series of products available and there will always be an interesting offer. Encourage the memory to get the final conversion.

This technique of digital marketing industry works through cookies that are installed in the user's browser once they visit a specific page. Then, when you browse other websites that accept third-party advertisements, you will be shown advertisements for items that you had previously visited.

The concepts remarketing and retargeting, although they cause confusion, are about two very similar or practically the same words. Retargeting is the method used to show ads from our site to other websites to a user who has left the page without completing the process, while remarketing is the technique used to reflect graphic ads to other websites to a consumer who has not bought. or you have not registered on our page. Therefore it can be said that there is no difference between remarketing and retargeting.

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