What is sampling?

Sampling is a technique of marketing promotional that consists of offering potential users a free sample (or demo) of our product or service, so that they can try and have a more realistic expectation of what we sell. If our product or service is difficult to sell or we do not know how to make users try it, this technique is the solution.

Sampling is a good strategy when it comes to valid and effective actions to attract new customers and publicize new products. It is a well-known technique in consumer markets such as the cosmetic or food sectors, for example.

The terminology of this technique is very varied depending on the product to which we refer. It can be called "sample", "demo", "free trial", "exclusive gift" or "demo", among others. Whatever term is used, your objective will be to cover the need to test the product and let the customer know first-hand what it is like.

To carry out this technique, the goals that it is intended to achieve, in addition to knowing how we are going to achieve them. Once raised, we must take into account the resources that we have, as well as establish the budget that we are allowed to spend.

Not surprisingly, this technique is expensive: to be able to give a small sample in small proportions it is necessary to create a packaging and / or labeling adapted to said product, raising launch costs. For this reason we indicate that, if you want to carry out this technique, you should study well how you want to carry it out and under what conditions.

Lastly, it is no less important to note that the excessive use of this technique could make "bargain hunters" and non-consumers join us in the long term.

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