What is SEM?

SEM positioning comes from the acronym Search Engine Marketing. It is a form of search engine marketing, which allows you to appear above the first organic search results. In general, when the term SEM is discussed, it refers to the Pay per click in sponsored results.

In the SEM if you create the ads correctly and have enough budget, the search engine will show your page at the top reserved for ads.

What is SEM used for?

The SEM in Google serves above all so that our link is always visible, when terms related to our content are entered in the search engine. It will be a very simple way to attract customers as long as they meet the search conditions.

Among the most valuable aspects are the choice of certain negative keywords that will allow the advertising not to be shown if the client carries out said search.

SEM positioning is very important because the appearance above all search results always attracts new users and the image that is transferred to the public is that of a large company concerned with launching its message to the largest possible number of people.

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Difference between SEO and SEM

The main difference between SEO and SEM is based on the fact that the first offers natural or organic results, while the other offers results through paid advertising campaigns on Internet search engines.

  • SEO: it is a natural process that will help us to occupy the first places in searches. Although it does not imply an expense in advertising, it does require a significant effort, where for example it is necessary to take care of the content, with original texts, frequent updates, obtaining external links through strategies of link building, keyword optimization, use a technology with HTML 5 and CSS 3 or always use friendly URLs.
  • SEM: the aim is to achieve the highest possible visibility through paid ad campaigns. Must be used Keyword involving intent to purchase.

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