What is sick leave?

Thework leave o Temporary disability refers to the inability of an employee to go to his job temporarily for a justified reason, such as an illness or an accident, either at home or at the job itself. In this sense, it is understood that if a worker requests sick leave, he or she will need health care for a certain period of time. All those workers who are registered with Social Security can take advantage of this situation and must present, together with their application, the medical proof of leave within three days from the detection of the illness or accident.

In the case of autonomousThey also have the right to have the same benefits and coverage for temporary disability as employed persons. However, the benefit will vary depending on the contribution base of the employed person and the type of illness or accident in question.

Leave from work implies that the worker cannot perform the tasks associated with their job and, therefore, cannot receive their salary for the duration of the leave.

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