What is sustainable development?

Today, all companies try to launch their products and services in pursuit of sustainable development. They try to win over the public by utilizing this concept which, by many consumers, is often ignored.

The concept of sustainable development refers to the awareness of respect for the environment, human life and the species that live on the planet, in addition to promoting economic well-being, natural resources and society in general.

It is committed to being present in 3 areas: ecological, social and economic. Sustainability between these concepts is of utmost importance so that they can be carried out. In this way, each one of them must use the other to be able to carry out.

  • Ecological sustainability: relationship between the activity carried out and the existing diversity on the planet (biodiversity), avoiding its degradation to achieve such goals.
  • Economic sustainability: occurs when an activity that is carried out moves towards environmental and social sustainability and in turn it is financially viable to carry it out.
  • Social sustainability: it tries to take into account society in order to achieve the objectives set. To do this, we try to reduce the negative impacts on society, trying to avoid environmental impact and creating social cohesion to channel common objectives.

Conditions for sustainable development

To achieve sustainable development, it will be necessary to meet a series of requirements:

  1. Renewable resources should not be used at a higher rate than it takes to regenerate.
  2. If pollutants are created (avoid doing so), their production must be reduced or canceled until said waste is recycled, absorbed or extinguished from the environment, as far as possible.
  3. Non-renewable resources should be used to the maximum, avoiding their rapid use, to avoid using renewable resources. In the case that the latter must be used, it must be used in the most sustainable way possible.

In order to achieve sustainable development in our society, it is necessary for companies to be concerned about the impact that their activity produces in order to minimize the damages that may occur. For this, it is necessary to manage the environmental part of the company and know the basic keys to do it correctly.

Environmental management of the company

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