What is the Customer Value or Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) (CLV)?

The customer value or Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a metric that is usually used in the field of digital marketing industry in order to know the value or profit that a customer represents for a time for the company. CLV can be taken as a KPI more about the company that must be carefully analyzed and valued.

For this reason, the client becomes a fundamental piece not only of the marketing strategy, but of the business strategyKnowing their tastes, preferences and behaviors becomes vital. Thanks to the Customer Lifetime Value we can know what works and what does not when it comes to providing us benefit and maximizing our ROI.

It is very important to calculate the value of the customer or, in other words, we will have to define those values ​​that we will have to analyze during a certain period of time to see what it is that increases the value of the customer.

Some of these values ​​are: your purchases made; those most active clients (who interact with us, share us on social networks, make their purchases effective, the expansion it gives us, etc.). It is, therefore, values ​​that increase the benefit of a customer, not only for what they buy, but also for how does he behave with us and with the rest of the world when transmitting our brand.

By giving data on some other values, we can include the recommendations that a client makes to their friends, family or acquaintances. Information on how you make your purchases, as well as the frequency, among other factors.

The important thing is not only to determine the values ​​that affect said customer value, but the way in which they will be measured: counter, monetary value that it provides us, visits, etc.

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