What is the market value?

Market value is a term that represents the value of an item used at a given time. Usually the term market value is used in the sale of vehicles. To refer to market value who owns a used vehicle when it is put up for sale. The use of this term is also common in those cases in which a vehicle is considered as accident after an accident, proceeding a compensation by the insurance company. In this situation the market value of the vehicle is used to calculate the amount of compensation.

Calculation of the venal value

The calculation of the market value of a used item or vehicle is carried out according to a series of aspects related to it. In any case, the market value will be calculated by a technician or specialist expert.

In addition, in the case of vehicles, lists with the venal values ​​of each make and model are published periodically by the tax agency. Taking into account the date of their registration. These lists can be consulted in the Official State Gazette, BOE. There is also a calculator that facilitates obtaining the market value of any type of vehicle.

However, in those cases in which you want to obtain the market value of an item that is not a vehicle, or to obtain the market value of the latter when certain special characteristics incur in them, the market value will be calculated according to the following criteria.

Criteria for calculating the venal value

These are the criteria to be analyzed to calculate the venal value.

  • The characteristics of the article or vehicle.
  • Brand, model and performance of the article.
  • Age of the article.
  • State of wear.
  • State of conservation.
  • Existing offer in the mercado for that article.
  • Demand market for that item.

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