What is the NIF?

The Tax Identification Number or NIF, is a code that serves to uniquely identify persons (both physical and legal) who reside, work or carry out their activity (in the case of companies) in Spain. In the case of companies, it is also known as CIF (Fiscal Identification Code), although this term legally no longer exists, it is still in common use.

The NIF is necessary to carry out commercial operations in Spain, for this reason, in the case of companies, it will be the Tax Agency who grants it during the process of legal constitution of the company. For its concession it is necessary to present both the place of business as tax domicile thereof.

In the case of individuals, the NIF consists of 8 numbers and a letter at the end, known as the check digit. It coincides with the National Identity Document. The letter of the DNI and the NIF is obtained by means of an algorithm that is calculated through the number itself. To obtain it, we recommend that you consult the DNI calculator at calcuworld.com with which you can calculate the letter of a number automatically.

For legal persons, the NIF (old CIF) has one digit less and the control letter instead of going to the end, goes to the beginning, as in this example: B-0000000

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