What is the subscribed capital?

The subscribed capital is the set of actions that have been acquired by the previous shareholders or by any person who has attended the issuance of shares. The concept of subscribed capital refers to the value of all shares acquired, regardless of whether they have been paid or not, but which have the shareholder's commitment.

This subscribed capital is that which is invested when a company is constituted or a capital increase in which the share capital of the company is increased. However, it does not have to become subscribed capital all the issued capital, since part of the issued shares may not be sold.

The part of the subscribed capital that has already been paid by the shareholders who have acquired the new shares is known as paid-up capital. We can say that the paid-in capital is the percentage of subscribed capital that has already been paid. The remainder is called unpaid or unpaid subscribed capital. In Spain the minimum amount of paid-up capital must be 25%.

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