What is the Top of Mind?

The English expression Top of Mind, which in Spanish would mean the first in the mind, is normally used in the sector of the marketing. This term is used to define the high positioning of a brand among consumers. The top of mind is a kind of marketing metric.

Examples of brands in the Top of Mind

When we say that a brand is at the top of mind, we mean that this brand is the first that comes to the consumer's mind when we talk about a certain product. There are many brands located in the top of mind of many consumers.

This situation usually occurs when to refer to a specific product we name it with the name of the brand that produces it. Naturally and unconsciously substituting the original name of the product for that of the brand.

Some examples of top of mind to better understand this concept are the kleenex brand that we usually use to call the product tissue paper, even if it is not from the kleenex brand. Or the mythical Colacao with which we call the product cocoa powder, whatever brand it is.

Advantages of being a Top of Mind brand

Brands that are at the top of mind have a privileged position in the mind of the consumer. Since the top of mind is based on a spontaneous memory, which arises in a natural and unpremeditated way. So it shows that the brand has acquired an important notoriety.

Being at the top of mind does not guarantee to be the brand finally acquired by the consumer. Since many factors intervene in the purchase decision. But it does mean a greater probability of purchase compared to those brands that are not listed as top of mind.

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