How Do I Unregister My Business in Virginia?

Steps to Dissolve a Business

  • Get Approval from Owners
  • Address Legal Obligations

Dissolution Process for Virginia LLC

  • Obtaining Approval
  • Regulatory Steps

Closing a Business in Virginia SCC

  • Three Steps to Close a Business
  • Initial Decision Making

Starting a Business in Virginia

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To report a change in ownership of an existing business, the current owner must close the business, and the new owner must register as a new business. If you need help, call 804.367.8037.

Whether you’re dissolving your Virginia business or planning for future endeavors, it’s crucial to establish strong foundations. One essential step entrepreneurs must take is to file for LLC in Virginia, ensuring legal compliance and maximizing their business potential.

To dissolve a foreign LLC in Virginia, file a Certificate of Cancellation (Form 1065) with the SCC. The LLC must close bank accounts, pay taxes, and settle outstanding obligations.

Can I Reinstate a Dissolved LLC in Virginia? You can within five years by completing the SCC’s Application for Reinstatement form.

Dissolving an LLC in Virginia can be time-consuming, hindering the ability to conduct business until legally completed. This can result in lost revenue costs. Therefore, plan and budget accordingly when considering dissolving LLCs.

What do you need to know about SCC Virginia? This Clerk’s Information System (CIS) is the SCC’s property. Only SCC authorized persons may access and use the CIS to file or submit business entity documents.

There are reasons why an LLC may need to be dissolved, like closing the business. In Virginia, the owner must file Articles of Dissolution with the State Corporation Commission to dissolve an LLC.

Comprehending reasons and processes for dissolution ensures a smooth and legally compliant process. Steps include: Review Your Operating Agreement, Vote On Dissolution, File Articles and Pay Fees.

Initially, confirm all LLC members agree to closing the business. Once ready, members should vote to document everyone’s assent and favor dissolution before starting legal procedures.

It makes economic sense to formally close an entity, pay the filing fee, and get an official SCC certificate documenting closure. This provides definitive record keeping and tax reporting. If ready to close your Virginia small business, contact Perkins Law for assistance.

The dissolution process is usually the final curtain call of a Virginia LLC. Whether you’ve decided to move on or opened an unnecessary LLC, the steps below will ensure compliance and help avoid extra fees or penalties when dissolving.

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