What Is a Good Name for a Shop?

Naming Your Small Shop The name should be unique, creative, and reflect the brand. What Makes a Good Online Store Name? It should suggest a modern, creative outlook. Stand Out with Your Shop Name Making your store stand out from the competition is essential. Making your store stand out from the competition is essential. The … Read more

What Happened to Godaddy? GoDaddy: Past Events and Recent Developments

GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest domain name registrars, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2018 and has subsequently made significant changes in its operations. Company Background GoDaddy, Inc. is an American technology company that offers various online services, including domain name registration, web hosting, email, marketing, and search engine optimization. Business Updates GoDaddy … Read more

Are Animal Cafes in Japan Safe? Animal Cafes in Japan

Some 60% of animal cafes in Japan contain exotic species restricted by international trade laws. There were 137 such cafes as of 2019. This raises fears that their popularity may threaten conservation and heighten animal-borne disease risk. Budget Range You should budget 1,000-2,000 yen per hour at an animal cafe for drinks and petting. Types … Read more

How Do I Unregister My Business in Virginia?

Steps to Dissolve a Business Get Approval from Owners Address Legal Obligations Dissolution Process for Virginia LLC Obtaining Approval Regulatory Steps Closing a Business in Virginia SCC Three Steps to Close a Business Initial Decision Making Starting a Business in Virginia Call Virginia Business One Stop at (804) 786-6585. To report a change in ownership … Read more

What Is the Meaning of Stock Corporation?

Stock Corporation Overview A stock corporation is a for-profit company that issues shares of stock to raise money. Shareholders own part of the company and may receive dividends. They also have voting rights on corporate decisions. To form a stock corporation, articles of incorporation are filed. This registers the company and provides basic information. Stock … Read more

What Is a Stock Corporation in Virginia?

General Information about Corporations in Virginia Generally speaking, in Virginia business corporations form stock corporations and nonprofits form non-stock corporations. Stock corporations issue stock. Shareholders own stock anticipating dividends or selling stock for a profit. The Virginia Stock Corporation Act defines Corporation or Domestic Corporation as a corporation authorized by law to issue shares, irrespective … Read more

Is Virginia a Piggyback State?

Virginia Income Tax Rate 2020 Virginia state income tax rate table for the 2020 – 2021 filing season has four income tax brackets with VA tax rates of 2%, 3%, 5%, and 5.75%. State Returns and Virginia Specifics State returns typically “piggyback” off the federal return. However, if that’s not possible, having some extra time … Read more

What Items Are Not Taxed in NJ?

Items Tax-Free in New Jersey What items are tax free in New Jersey? Most food, clothing, footwear, disposable paper products, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs are not taxed in New Jersey. Regular clothing and shoes under $175 per item are not taxed. New Jersey Tax-Free Week What are exempt purchases in NJ? The New Jersey … Read more

What Day Is Tax Free Day in Massachusetts?

Tax-Free Weekend in Massachusetts The Tax-Free Weekend in Massachusetts is scheduled for August 12th and 13th, 2023. Most retail items under $2,500 purchased for personal use on these two days will be exempt from the 6.25% sales tax. Included are items like clothing, footwear, and school supplies. Cars, meals, alcohol, and tobacco are not exempt. … Read more

Are Shoes Taxed in NJ?

Taxable and Tax-Exempt Items in New Jersey Taxable Clothing Items Clothing made of fur Clothing worn exclusively for participation in a sport Tax-Exempt Items Most food sold as grocery items Most clothing and footwear Disposable paper products for household use Prescription drugs Over-the-counter drugs Tax Break and Exemptions in New Jersey Sales Tax Exemptions: Standard … Read more