How many solar panels can fit on an acre?

Incredibly, one totally cleared acre of ideal land can fit as many as 2,000 standard solar panels. That said, the number of panels that will fit depends on a wide range of variables. Most of all of course, it depends on how big the solar panels are. The most common solar panels are 100-300 watts, … Read more

Is the word bodega offensive?

The word bodega is not offensive in and of itself. “Bodega” is a term derived from Puerto Rican and Hispanic culture for describing small corner markets and/or convenience stores in urban areas, typically owner-operated in New York City or other Northeastern urban metro areas. These stores sell some combination of household goods, snacks, beverages, coffee, … Read more

What Are the Four Types of Models?

The different types of systems and their various aspects are modelled through 4 primary types of models and classifications of those models. It is crucial the right type of model is chosen to effectively model the purpose and scope. “A model can be [a] physical, mathematical, or otherwise logical representation of a system” as defined … Read more

What is a bank branch name?

A bank’s branch name is the name of the local bank location where financial services are offered. The branch name is often the same name as the city or neighborhood in which it is located – such as “Cambridge Branch” or “Chelsea Branch”, the former referring to a city location and the latter referring to … Read more