AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham).

The AED is the currency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 1 AED = 0.272294 USD. The AED is subdivided into 100 fils. How can I trade Forex in UAE? The foreign exchange market, also known as the forex or FX market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily turnover of over $5 trillion. This makes it one of the most liquid and dynamic markets in the world.

There are a number of ways to trade forex in the UAE, but the most common is through a broker. There are a number of online brokers that offer services to traders in the UAE, and they can be a great way to get started in forex trading.

Another option for trading forex in the UAE is through a local bank. This can be a good option for those who already have an account with a local bank, as it can make it easier to transfer funds between accounts. However, it is important to note that not all banks offer forex trading services, so it is important to check with your bank before opening an account.

Finally, there are a number of online forex brokers that offer their services to traders in the UAE. These brokers can be a great option for those who want to trade forex without having to go through a local bank. Is AED a strong currency? The short answer is "yes", the AED is a strong currency.

The AED has been on a strong uptrend against the USD since mid-2014, gaining over 10% in value. The AED is also one of the most stable currencies in the Middle East, with low levels of inflation and a large trade surplus.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the AED's strength:

1) The UAE has a large and diversified economy, with a strong focus on exports. This has helped to insulate the country from the effects of lower oil prices.

2) The UAE has a large foreign currency reserve, which it has used to support the AED.

3) The UAE has a strong banking system, with low levels of non-performing loans.

4) The UAE has a favorable business environment, which has attracted foreign investment.

5) The UAE has a strong political and social stability.

All of these factors have helped to make the AED a strong currency. Is it better to use USD or AED in Dubai? There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on a number of factors. If you are looking to get the best exchange rate, then using USD may be a better option. However, if you are looking for convenience, then using AED may be a better option. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which currency to use in Dubai.