What is packaging?

The concept of packaging encompasses everything that involves the inclusion or protection of products for distribution, storage and sale. That is, the wrapping, labeling and packaging of commercial items. In marketing, packaging is a presentation letter for products, so it must focus above all on capturing the attention of consumers and being a communication window … Read more

What is solvency?

Solvency is the ability of a company to comply with its obligations and generate funds to meet the commitments sealed with third parties under pre-established conditions. The term solvency encompasses all types of commitments, both short and long term. It has always been linked to the concept of credit risk, since it represents the probable … Read more

What is a solidarity fund?

It is called a solidarity fund Investment fund The commissions of which will be assigned in part to entities or organizations with social purposes, the fund management company being in charge of said assignment. It is clear that the good practices of companies and banks have a great impact on society. So much so, that … Read more

What are IAE Captions?

The IAE epigraphs are the codes that show the economic activity carried out by each economic company or self-employed worker and that are used for the payment of the Tax on Economic Activities. This tax is levied on natural and legal persons according to the professional or business activity they carry out. It is a … Read more

What is carry trade?

The term Carry Trade is used in the world of investments, so if you dedicate yourself to it or have thought of doing it, it would be interesting if you knew what it means. Carry trade is a strategy that is used at the time of Buy foreign exchange, usually for investments. This strategy tries … Read more

What is the monetary system?

We understand that today a monetary system is the set of mechanisms that a country uses to create and manufacture money and its subsequent regulation. Furthermore, monetary systems are controlled with the presence and intervention of regulatory entities. Such as the Bank of Spain or the European Central Bank. The mission of these entities in … Read more

What is downshifting?

The concept of downshifting is about working less to live longer, that is, living better with less. Somehow the translation of downshifting would be "slow down." This movement has its origins in the United States, when a group of businessmen realized in the 80s that they were getting a lot of money in exchange for … Read more

What is ROCE?

ROCE is the acronym in English for Return On Capital Employed, which in Spanish means profitability of the capital employed. ROCE is a ratio used to know the profitability of a company, since it allows to know the capacity of the company to generate income based on the capital that has been used. This ratio … Read more

What is price discrimination?

Price discrimination is a marketing strategy based on charging different prices for the same product, despite the fact that the cost of production is always the same. This technique is common and occurs normally in situations of monopoly, in which a company controls the market and seeks to maximize profits in this way. Types of … Read more

What is the growth rate?

The growth rate is a mathematical calculation that is obtained from the difference between two values ‚Äč‚Äčover time, taking as a reference the percentage of the first value. This indicator can be applied to different areas, such as business, demographic or economic, so that we can find out the percentage of growth of any assumption … Read more