How to Search for a Business Name in Alabama

When it comes to starting an Alabama LLC, the first thought that comes to mind after brainstorming the business plan is, “What should I name my business?” You may reserve a business name in Alabama until you’re ready to start the business formation procedure. Every LLC requires a name, ideally, one that is memorable and … Read more

What is sustainable agriculture?

The safety of the food sold in the world is increasingly inefficient. The policies that are proposed and the institutions that regulate this type of production are not good enough to ensure the quality of the food that the population consumes. Sustainable agriculture seeks to ensure world food security while promoting healthy ecosystems and supporting … Read more

What is the Unit of Real Value?

The Unit of Real Value (or in its acronym UVR) was created in 1999 and reflects a unit of account that tries to project the purchasing power of a currency based on the inflation of the previous month, in the country of Colombia. The UVR is often used to calculate the cost of loans that … Read more

What is a delivery note?

The delivery note, or also called a delivery note, is a commercial document that certifies that a shipment has been delivered correctly. The recipient of the shipment must sign the delivery note when receiving the delivery. In this way, the sender knows that his order has reached its destination, and on the other hand, the … Read more

What is the OCR system?

The concept of OCR responds to "Optical Character Recognition", a document digitization process. Thus, the OCR system is an analysis through which we analyze and scan a file to automate it. What is the OCR system for? The meaning of OCR responds to an optical character recognition system by which the styles, text and format … Read more

What is scalping?

Scalping a technique of trading characterized by being a very short-term operation. In fact, they are usually operations that last a few minutes. Basically, it consists of achieving a rapid price movement motivated by a change in the trend or by the breakdown of a support or resistance. It depends on the objective or leverage … Read more

What is portfolio transfer?

The transfer of insurance contracts between insurance companies, insurance brokers or similar is known as portfolio transfer. In this way, the different insurance companies insure the risk they incur with their users while redirecting them to one company or another depending on their specialization. Among the data that are transferred are: the personal data of … Read more

What is the law of supply and demand?

The definition of the law of supply and demand is the relationship between the demand for a product in the market and the quantity supplied of said product with its corresponding price. For the concept of the law of supply and demand to be fulfilled as such, it is essential that market conditions are totally … Read more

What is Maslow’s Pyramid?

Humans have many needs throughout the day and throughout our lives. The companies They try to meet those needs by delivering the good or service they offer, so each of them will specialize in what they do best. Maslow's pyramid is a motivational theory that tries to find out what drives human behavior to take … Read more

What is Gainsharing?

Gainsharing is an incentive system that has the objective of achieving an increase in productivity. What it addresses is that when the company's goals are achieved, it distributes the benefit among the workers, either in the form of bonuses or with an increase wagefor them. This incentive system is committed to solidarity and cooperation, as … Read more