How to Search for a Business Name in Alabama

When it comes to starting an Alabama LLC, the first thought that comes to mind after brainstorming the business plan is, "What should I name my business?" You may reserve a business name in Alabama until you're ready to start the business formation procedure.

Every LLC requires a name, ideally, one that is memorable and not previously in use. You should not be stealing someone else's name, no matter how brilliant you are. There are several businesses in Alabama, and there are a lot of names to look up. Luckily, there's a simple method to do it: perform a business entity name search.

Business Name Search in Alabama

When registering your chosen business name, be sure there isn't another Alabama LLC with the same name already registered. This involves using the Alabama Secretary of State's business search tool to search the state's business registry. To check if a business name has already been taken, you may quickly perform a name search.

You will not be able to register your selected name if it is not available. Instead, try looking for a different name.

Perform an Alabama LLC Name Search

The Alabama Secretary of State makes it simple to look for a business name and provides several options. To begin; go to the Secretary of State's Business Entity Records page.

If you're looking for a name, visit the link that mentions the entry name. Enter your chosen name on the following screen, press Search and see what comes up. If the name is already in use by another business, it's back to the drawing board. If there are deceptively similar names currently in use, it is better to re-think a new one. However, if your search yields no results, it’s ideal to move with that name. You can freely choose a business name in such a case.

However, looking for a certain business by entity name isn't the only option. Let's pretend you don't know the precise name. That's fine; you may also search using the following terms:

• Entity ID 

• Name of Officer, Agent, or Incorporator 

• Month and Year of Formation 

• Date of Formation 

• Reservation ID

These choices are useful since they enable you to find a business name even if you just have a single bit of information. Furthermore, all of these searches return the same business information. Click on a company's Entity ID number in your search results to get the following information:

• Entity ID Number 

• Entity Type 

• Principal Address 

• Principal Mailing Address 

• Status 

• Formation Date 

• Registered Agent Name 

• Registered Office Street Address 

• Registered Office Mailing Address 

• Nature of Business 

• Capital Authorized 

• Capital Paid In 

• Organizer/Incorporator Name, Street, and Mailing Address

Create a name for your Alabama Business that is unique and stands out.

It's vital to understand Alabama's naming criteria when choosing an LLC or fictitious name so that the state will approve it. However, how can you make a name unique? Fortunately, the state has certain rules in place. Due to changes in: 

Following are some of the tips:

• Include a word that indicates the company's business kind, such as "Limited Liability Company," "L.L.C.," or "LLC."

• •Be distinct from all existing registered or reserved business names with the Secretary of State.

• Designators such as LLC or L.L.C., a name is not deemed distinct (New Company LLC and New Company L.L.C. are considered the same)

• Articles such as "a," "an," and "the."

• The terms "and," "or”

• Punctuation

• Capitalization

Essentially, you must modify the name itself, not just the syntax, to produce a truly distinct name. If your chosen name isn't available, try using a different spelling, adding another word, or looking for a synonym. In this manner, you may maintain a name that's close to the one you want while yet being distinct from the state.

What words can’t be used in an Alabama LLC name?

There are a few sectors in Alabama that have some unique requirements that you should think about if you want to start one. Words that indicate the business is a banking or financial institution, or that it is associated with a municipal, state, or federal government entity, are typically prohibited in business names.

LLCs in Alabama must also get a license to use terms like banking and insurance, as well as professional qualifications like engineer and attorney.

What If My Name Is Unavailable?

So you went to Business Entity Records, typed in your chosen name, pressed search, and there it was: your treasured name was already in use. So, what's next?

So, what's next?

Your only choice if your LLC is domestic (formed in Alabama) is to start thinking of ideas for a new one. Just make sure it's not too similar. Then, once you've selected an appropriate and available name, reserve it.

Your LLC may have operated under a different name in other states, but if that name isn't accessible in Alabama, you'll have to adopt a "fictitious name," or one that you'll only use in Alabama. On your Application for Registration, there will be a spot for a fictitious name when you foreign qualify your LLC.

Website Domain Names

Do not forget to check if the domain name you want is available for your business. The very last thing you want is to register your business name only to discover that your name has already been taken by another company or competitor. There are several domain name checker sites on which you can enter your business name to see if that particular domain name is available.

Contact a Business Name Search Expert

You may still reserve your ideal business name even if you aren't ready to form your Alabama business entity. Always contact a business name search professional for assistance with your Alabama business entity search if you need it. You can complete the procedure on your own, but it will be much easier if you enlist the assistance of a professional.