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How do I become a private tour guide?

Generally speaking, you can usually become a private tour guide by obtaining a license, after which you can either join a local tour company or work independently. Some tour guides take visitors on specialized walking tours that explore different aspects of a travel destination.

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Do I need insurance to be a tour guide?

Tour Guide insurance is often required by clients. You may be liable to pay huge sums of legal fees and compensation if you don't have insurance for Tour Guide.

Travel businesses can include travel agent's and/or tour operator's liability insurance, scheduled airline failure insurance, travel bonds, public liability and employer's liability insurance.

Also, what is not covered in travel insurance?

Baggage delay, damage, and loss policies don't cover everything in your bags. Common travel insurance exclusions include glasses, hearing aids, dental bridges, tickets, passports, keys, cash, and cell phones. Does travel insurance cover cancellation due to Covid? But there's no other cover for Covid-19 or any related or mutated form of Covid-19, under any other section of the policy. If you bought a policy within these dates, you won't be able to claim for costs due to cancelling or cutting short your trip due to Covid-19.

Can I cancel travel insurance if I cancel my trip?

Whether or not you can cancel your travel insurance if you cancel your trip depends on the terms and conditions of your policy. Some policies will allow you to cancel for a full refund if you cancel your trip within a certain timeframe, while others will only allow you to cancel for a partial refund. Some policies may not allow you to cancel at all. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your policy carefully before buying to see what options are available to you. What are top paying jobs? There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on factors such as geographical location, industry and level of experience/education. However, some of the highest paying jobs in the US include physicians, dentists, lawyers, chief executives and software developers, amongst others. Salaries for these positions can range from $100,000-$1 million+ per year.


What are the five types of tour guide?

There are different types of tour guides. A historical guide leads tourists around historical landmarks and points of interest. An adventure guide. A museum guide. A nature guide. A city guide. A park guide. A guide.

How much does a tour guide make? The average salary for a Tour Guide is?12 in Ireland. Tour Guide salaries can be found in your area. 13 salaries were submitted to Glassdoor by Tour Guide employees.

What is the two types of tour guide?

On site Guide- conducts tour of one or several hours at a specific building attraction, or a limited area. Staff guide-tour guide who works in a travel agency. Freelance guide-tour guide who is not connected with travel agency and paid per trip. You can also ask what is the different types of tour guide? There are different types of tour guides, such as:
1. Local tour guide: A local tour guide is a person who is familiar with the area where you will be touring. They can give you information about the history, culture, and landmarks of the area.
2. Professional tour guide: A professional tour guide is a person who is trained in giving tours. They are usually knowledgeable about many different areas, and can give you a more comprehensive tour.
3. Student tour guide: A student tour guide is usually someone who is studying to be a professional tour guide. They may not be as knowledgeable as a professional tour guide, but they can still give you a good tour of the area.

Correspondingly, what are the roles of tour guide?

A tour guide is someone who is responsible for providing information and leading tours for groups of people. They are typically employed by tour companies, but may also be freelance. The role of a tour guide is to ensure that the tour goes smoothly and that everyone enjoys themselves. They will provide information about the places that you are visiting and make sure that the group stays together. A tour guide may also be responsible for handling payments and tips.

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