Should I Buy a Pool Route? Introduction to Pool Routes as an Investment

Buying a pool route can be a rewarding and solid investment for the right type of buyer. Even someone with little to no pool cleaning experience can learn and pick up on the essentials quickly and succeed with the right business mindset. It’s a fast-track method that many find popular. Owning a pool route gives you an opportunity to forge meaningful customer relationships. Moreover, happy customers are often a great source of referral business.

Cost and Income Potential

Service routes cost between 10 to 12 times the monthly service rate on each account. For example, a route that generates $6,500 a month may cost between $65,000 and $78,000. You are essentially buying a steady monthly income when you purchase a pool route.

If you’ve never cleaned pools before, consider that it might take 30-40 minutes per pool for the first few months. However, as you become more skilled, this time can drop to around 20 minutes on average. To simplify payments, try to get a route with everyone on autopay.

Recession-proofing Your Pool Business

For the pool industry, a recession can affect some sectors worse than others. Nonetheless, pool service businesses allow you to skip preliminary steps and start working with regular customers and enjoying a regular income right away. Pool routes generally sell for 10 to 12 months’ gross receipts, and in desirable locations, such as Hawaii, they may go for up to 14 months’ receipts.

By establishing a recession-proof pool business, you can maintain profits and continue to scale despite an economic downturn. To develop a recession-proof pool business, top expert strategies suggest minimizing spending and conquering ambitious goals.

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