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How do I get a copy of my annual report in Illinois?

For information on corporate annual reports and changing your registered agent, contact the Illinois Secretary of State at 1 217 782-6961 or visit their website at

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Do you have to file an annual report for an LLC in Illinois?

You have to file an annual report for your limited liability company in Illinois. The annual report can be filed online or by mail. More than 60 days after the due date, there is an additional $300 penalty for filing a report late.

An annual report is a regular filing that you have to complete every year to update your business information. There are names and addresses of managers.

In respect to this, how do i amend an annual report in illinois?

You amend the articles of your Illinois Corporation by submitting in duplicate the BCA 10.30, Articles of Amendment form by mail or in person along with the filing fee to the Illinois Secretary of State. Accordingly, how do i renew my corporation in illinois? To reinstate a corporation, you must file BCA 12.45, Application for Reinstatement, in duplicate with the Secretary of State's office. You also must file Annual Reports for the years that were not filed. For more information, please call 217-785-5782.

How much does it cost to file an annual report in Illinois?

After you form an LLC in Illinois, you must file an Annual Report and pay a $75 fee every year. You need to file your Annual Report in order to keep your Illinois LLC in compliance and in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State. How do you fill out an annual report? How to File an Annual Report Determine If You Need To File an Annual Report. Find Out When the Annual Report is Due. Complete the Annual Report Form. File Annual Report. Repeat the Process for Other States Where You're Registered to Do Business. Set Up Reminders for Your Next Annual Report Deadline.


What are the 4 components of an annual report?

There is narrative text, graphics, and photos. Management's discussion and analysis.

It's important that your Annual Report is professional and proof-read. An Annual Report serves as a transparent accounting of what you've accomplished over the past year, but also as a marketing piece. New donors, renewed donations from your base, and non-monetary support can be attracted by a great Annual Report.

One may also ask what happens if you don't file annual report?

After failing to file your corporation's annual report on time, the state will write to you and may impose a late filing penalty that you must pay in addition to your regular annual report filing cost. The state will tell you when you must file by to avoid further action. Correspondingly, who files an annual report? States require companies that are registered to do business in them to file a report every year (or in some states, every two years). Businesses typically file annual reports electronically, in many cases using a registered agent who can complete the required documents on the company's behalf.

Moreover, which states require an annual report?

LLC Annual Report List by State State Report Name Submission Frequency California Statement of Information 2 Years Colorado Periodic Report Yearly Connecticut Annual Report Yearly Delaware Alternative Entity Tax Yearly 41 more rows ?

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