Cash Account.

A cash account is an account where cash is kept, such as a checking account, savings account, or money market account. A cash account is a type of asset account. What are the 7 basic accounting categories? There are 7 basic accounting categories:

1) Assets
2) Liabilities
3) Equity
4) Revenues
5) Expenses
6) Gains
7) Losses

What are 5 different nature of accounts? 1. Accounts can be classified as either primary or secondary.

2. Accounts can be further classified as either real or nominal.

3. Accounts can be either active or passive.

4. Accounts can be either debit or credit.

5. Accounts can be either positive or negative. What are the 10 words that related in accounting? 1. Accounts
2. Accounts payable
3. Accounts receivable
4. Asset
5. Balance
6. Balance sheet
7. Capital
8. Cash
9. Expense
10. Profit What is the terminology used for current account in USA? There is no precise answer to this question since the terminology used for current account in the USA can vary depending on the particular context. In general, however, the term "current account" is typically used to refer to a company's or individual's checking account, savings account, and/or money market account. What does ATM stand for? ATM stands for "Automated Teller Machine".