Chinese Wall Definition.

A Chinese wall is a business term used to describe the metaphorical barrier between two departments or units within a company that are not supposed to share information or have any contact with each other. The term is often used in the financial industry to describe the separation between investment bankers and research analysts.

Where does the phrase Chinese wall come from?

The phrase "Chinese wall" is often used in the business world to describe the separation between different departments or divisions within a company. The term comes from the Great Wall of China, which was built to keep out invaders. In the business world, the "Chinese wall" is used to keep confidential information from being shared between departments or divisions that should not have access to it.

What does above the wall mean?

The phrase "above the wall" is commonly used in business settings to refer to information that is not privy to all employees. This information is typically restricted to upper-level management or executive staff. It's often used in a negative context, to describe a situation where employees feel left out or uninformed. Can you still use the term Chinese wall? Yes, you can still use the term "Chinese wall." However, it is important to note that the term is considered to be outdated and offensive by some people.

How do you get to the Chinese wall in Montana?

There is no physical "Chinese wall" in Montana. However, the term is often used metaphorically to describe the barriers that exist between different departments or divisions within a company. For example, the sales department may be "on one side of the Chinese wall" while the marketing department is "on the other side." In order to "get to the Chinese wall," one would need to find a way to bridge the gap between the two departments. This could be done by creating a cross-functional team that includes members from both departments, or by holding meetings or conference calls where both sides can share their ideas and concerns.

What is a conflict wall?

A conflict wall is a visual tool that is used to help identify and resolve conflicts within a team or organization. It is typically a large, blank wall that is divided into sections for each team member or department. Each section is then divided into smaller subsections for each specific conflict.

The conflict wall is used to track the progress of each conflict and to identify any patterns or trends. It can also be used to help create a plan of action for resolving the conflict.