Indicative Quote Definition.

An indicative quote is a type of quote that is used to provide information about the current market price of a financial instrument, without necessarily committing to a trade. Indicative quotes are typically used by market makers to help them assess the level of interest in a particular instrument, and they are also often used by traders as a way to gauge market activity and potential trading opportunities.

How do you calculate indicative value?

The first step is to find the current spot price of the currency pair. You can do this by looking at a currency quote or using a currency converter.

Next, you will need to find the current forward price of the currency pair. The forward price is the price at which the currency pair can be bought or sold at a future date. Forward prices are usually quoted for delivery two business days from the current date.

Once you have both the spot and forward price, you can calculate the indicative value using the following formula:

Indicative Value = Spot Price x (1 + Forward Points/10000)

where Forward Points are the number of pips between the spot and forward price.

For example, if the spot price of EUR/USD is 1.1000 and the forward price is 1.1010, the indicative value would be:

Indicative Value = 1.1000 x (1 + 10/10000)

Indicative Value = 1.1001

What is an indicative proposal?

An indicative proposal is a type of proposal that is used to provide indicative pricing information to a potential customer. It is not a binding proposal, and is not usually used to secure a deal. Instead, it is used to provide an indication of what the company is willing to offer, and to gauge the level of interest from the potential customer.

How is indicative price determined?

Indicative pricing is the price of a security or financial instrument as quoted by a market maker at which that market maker is willing to buy or sell the security or instrument. It is not a binding price, but rather a guidepost for further negotiation. What does far indicative clearing price mean? The far indicative clearing price is the price at which the market is expected to clear at the end of the day. This price is based on the current market conditions and is used by traders to gauge where the market is likely to head in the future. What does firm quote mean? A firm quote is a quote that is not subject to change. In the forex market, a firm quote is typically given for large transactions and is not negotiable.