What Day Is Tax Free Day in Massachusetts?

Tax-Free Weekend in Massachusetts The Tax-Free Weekend in Massachusetts is scheduled for August 12th and 13th, 2023. Most retail items under $2,500 purchased for personal use on these two days will be exempt from the 6.25% sales tax. Included are items like clothing, footwear, and school supplies. Cars, meals, alcohol, and tobacco are not exempt. … Read more

How Do I Start My Own Slipper Business?

Starting a Slipper Business If you want to start a slipper business, first decide which type to produce – slip-on, booties, clogs, or moccasins. Consider demand in your area. Register your firm and get trade licenses. For small units, LLP format is advisable. To start, obtain rubber sheets, strap sheets, packing material. Cut sheets using … Read more