How Long Do You Have to Live in Wyoming to Be Considered a Resident? Becoming a Wyoming Resident

To become a resident, live in Wyoming for one year and do not claim residency elsewhere. The University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department use similar rules.

Proving Your Residency

Proving residency requires:

  • A Wyoming address on a federal tax return
  • A local Wyoming bank account
  • Changing your permanent address to Wyoming
  • Getting public assistance from Wyoming
  • A Wyoming vehicle registration or title
  • Having a job in Wyoming
  • Going to school in Wyoming

Becoming a Wyoming resident offers benefits such as low taxes, beautiful scenery, and friendly people.

Steps to Establish Residency

To become a Wyoming resident:

  1. Live, work, or go to school in Wyoming
  2. Get a Wyoming driver’s license
  3. Register your vehicle in Wyoming
  4. File a Wyoming tax return

Maintaining Your Residency

To keep resident hunting and fishing licenses, reside in Wyoming for at least 180 days each year.

Non-Resident Vehicle Registration

Wyoming permits vehicles that are properly registered in another state to be driven within Wyoming for up to 120 days.

To finalize residency, you must apply and provide proof of residence such as a lease, utility bill, or pay stubs. Then, acquire a Wyoming driver’s license and register to vote. Despite the effort involved, Wyoming’s attributes make the process worthwhile.

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