What Category do Candles Fall Under?

When looking at labelling standards, candles are under the category of cosmetics. Candles must adhere to all of the guidelines set out for the cosmetics such as fragrance load, ingredients, safety and applications. For example, when looking at the specifications for fragrance load, a candle can only have between 6% and 10% of it’s total … Read more

Is it Hard to Get a Job at AlphaSights?

Statistics show that just under 50% of applicants get hired. Qualified applicants have a pretty good shot at making the cut. Candidates are given a score which ranges from 1 to 5, and those with 3 or higher are the most likely to be chosen. AlphaSights is referred to as an “expert network” based on … Read more

How Do You Share GoFundMe on TikTok?

You can follow these easy steps to share GoFundMe on your TikTok account. These steps cover the process of getting donation stickers and explains a little more about what donation stickers are. Step-by-step Guide on How to Use Donation Stickers  – Make sure you have the most recent version of TikTok on your device.  – … Read more

Are Tarly’s Teeth Real?

Would you like to know whether Tarly’s teeth are fake or not? If you’ve been following Game of Thrones you may believe actor John Bradly (who plays Tarly) has terrible teeth in real life. You’ll be happy to hear he has been appearing on the screen with fake teeth. Of course costumes and makeup make … Read more

What Credit Score do you Need for Bread Financing?

There is a specific credit score required from a potential customer who wants to have bread financing. If you want to get Quicken Loans, the credit score needed should be 620 at least for a conventional loan. If your score is higher, you can apply to get the loan through the Bread financing platform. This is just … Read more

Did Rex Ever Meet Luke?

After surviving the Galactic war, Captain Rex appears in the Battle of Endor. He served on the same shuttle as Luke. However, there is no explicit storyline regarding their meeting. Captain Rex did learn that the “amazing pilot” who destroyed the Death Star was a Jedi named Skywalker though they never showed them meeting. It … Read more

Can you be stopped at the airport for debt?

No you cannot be stopped at the airport because you have consumer debt or student loans, nor can you be arrested. You can travel freely even when you owe money. It can make it hard for creditors to catch up with you if you move to another country or plan an extended stay. That is … Read more

Can ProctorU detect other devices?

No, ProctorU does not have the access to check for other devices while in use. ProctorU authenticates the test taker’s identity, to be certain it is monitoring the correct student, it observes the student through the webcam (which is connected to a live person), therefore, watching the student at the location as well as what’s … Read more