What Items Are Not Taxed in NJ?

Items Tax-Free in New Jersey

  • What items are tax free in New Jersey?
    • Most food, clothing, footwear, disposable paper products, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs are not taxed in New Jersey.
    • Regular clothing and shoes under $175 per item are not taxed.

New Jersey Tax-Free Week

  • What are exempt purchases in NJ?
    • The New Jersey tax-free week is from August 26 to September 4.
    • Tax-free purchases during this period include computers, school supplies, sports equipment, and recreational items.

Sales Tax in New Jersey

  • Calculating Sales Tax

    • The formula to calculate sales tax is: sales price multiplied by the sales tax rate of 6.625%.
  • Exemptions from Sales Tax

    • New Jersey allows a $1,500 deduction for each child claimed as a dependent.
    • Some goods exempt from sales tax under New Jersey law include clothing, footwear, most non-prepared food items, food stamps, and medical supplies.

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