SEC Form 4: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership.

SEC Form 4: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership

The SEC Form 4 is a filing that must be made by insiders of a public company whenever there is a change in their beneficial ownership of the company's securities. The form is used to provide information on the nature of the ownership change and the identities of the insider and any other persons or entities involved in the transaction. What is the difference between ATF form 1 and 4? ATF Form 1 is used for the making of a firearm, whereas ATF Form 4 is used for the transfer of a firearm. What is a Form 4 suppressor? A Form 4 suppressor is a device that is used to reduce the noise of a firearm. It is classified as a Title II weapon by the National Firearms Act.

Who fills out the ATF Form 4? ATF Form 4 is a form that is used by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to request approval for the transfer of a firearm. The form must be completed by the person who is requesting the transfer, and it must be submitted to the ATF for approval.

How does an executive report a grant of restricted stock on SEC Form 4?

If an executive reports a grant of restricted stock on SEC Form 4, they must include the following information:

1. The name and address of the issuer

2. The title and CUSIP number of the securities

3. The date of the transaction

4. The nature of the transaction (e.g., grant, sale, etc.)

5. The price or consideration received for the securities

6. The number of securities involved in the transaction

7. The type of securities (e.g., common stock, preferred stock, etc.)

8. The expiration date of the restrictions, if applicable

9. Any other information required by the form Where can I get Form 4? Form 4 is available on the SEC's website.