Supply Management: A General Overview.

Supply Management: What It Is and How It Works What is another word for supply chain management? The most common word used to describe supply chain management is "logistics." Other words that are often used to describe supply chain management include "supply chain optimization," "supply chain planning," and "supply chain coordination." What is supply chain management in simple terms? Supply chain management is the process of planning, coordinating, and controlling the activities of a supply chain so as to deliver the desired level of service to the customer at the desired level of cost.

What are the 8 supply chain processes?

1. Planning and Forecasting: Establishing targets for production and sales, and planning the resources and inventory necessary to meet these targets.

2. Order Management: Managing customer orders and ensuring that they are fulfilled on time and in full.

3. Inventory Management: Tracking inventory levels and ensuring that they are maintained at optimal levels.

4. Transportation Management: Planning and coordinating the movement of goods to and from suppliers and customers.

5. Warehouse Management: Managing the storage and retrieval of goods in the warehouse.

6. Supplier Management: Managing relationships with suppliers and ensuring that they are able to meet the company’s needs.

7. Customer Management: Managing relationships with customers and ensuring that their needs are met.

8. Returns Management: Managing the return of goods from customers and ensuring that they are processed efficiently. What are the top 3 elements of supply chain? The top 3 elements of supply chain are:

1) Planning and control
2) Inventory management
3) Transportation management What are the 5 types of supply chain? The 5 types of supply chain are:
1) Make-to-stock
2) Make-to-order
3) Assemble-to-order
4) Engineer-to-order
5) Configure-to-order