Viager Definition.

The word "viager" is derived from the Latin word "viaticus", meaning "of or pertaining to a journey". In the context of real estate investing, a viager is a type of property ownership arrangement whereby the owner agrees to sell the property at an agreed upon price, but only after the death of the purchaser. The purchaser makes periodic payments to the owner during their lifetime, and upon the owner's death, the property is transferred to the purchaser.

Viager contracts are typically used in France, but can occasionally be found in other countries as well. Viagers are most commonly used when the seller is elderly and wishes to receive income during their lifetime, and the buyer is younger and can afford to make the periodic payments.

One of the key advantages of a viager contract is that it can provide the seller with a steady stream of income during their retirement years. It can also be a way for the buyer to purchase a property at a discounted price. However, there are some risks associated with viager contracts, such as the risk that the seller may outlive the buyer, or that the property may decline in value over time.

What is a life annuity property in France? A life annuity property is a French real estate investment product that offers investors a steady income stream for life in exchange for a lump sum investment. The income stream is generated by the property's rental income and is paid out to the investor on a monthly basis. The main advantage of this type of investment is that it provides a stable source of income that is not dependent on the stock market or other volatile investment products. What is occupied life annuity sale? Assuming you are referring to a life annuity with an occupation clause, this type of annuity allows the annuitant to continue working without affecting the annuity payments. An occupation clause is often used in retirement planning to allow the annuitant to delay starting the annuity payments until they retire, but still have the security of knowing that the payments will continue even if they live to a very old age.

What is a viager contract?

A viager contract is a French real estate contract in which the buyer pays the seller a lump sum upfront, and then an additional periodic payment until the seller dies, at which point the buyer assumes ownership of the property.

The advantage of this type of contract for the buyer is that they can lock in a purchase price for the property today, while the seller receives a stream of income during their lifetime. The downside is that the buyer may have to make payments for many years, and they may not end up owning the property if the seller lives a long time. How much does a $500000 annuity pay per month? Assuming the annuity pays out monthly, the monthly payments would be $3,333.33.

Why do financial advisors push annuities? There are a few key reasons why financial advisors push annuities. The first reason is that annuities offer a guaranteed stream of income for life. This is a major selling point for annuities, as it provides retirees with peace of mind knowing that they will have a steady income to cover their expenses.

Another reason financial advisors push annuities is that they can be a good way to diversify your investment portfolio. Annuities offer exposure to a different asset class than stocks and bonds, which can help to reduce overall portfolio risk.

Finally, annuities often come with a variety of bells and whistles that can be attractive to investors, such as riders that provide income protection in the event of a market downturn. All of these factors make annuities an attractive investment option for many people.