What Is a Wirehouse?

A wirehouse is a large investment bank that offers a full range of financial services to its clients, including investment banking, asset management, and research. Wirehouses are typically the largest and most well-known firms in the financial services industry.

The term "wirehouse" is derived from the fact that these firms were historically the only firms that had direct access to the stock exchanges' "wiring rooms," where trades were executed. Today, all firms have direct access to the exchanges, but the term "wirehouse" is still used to refer to the large, full-service firms.

Are Morgan Stanley financial advisors independent contractors?

Yes, Morgan Stanley financial advisors are independent contractors. This means that they are not employees of Morgan Stanley, but are instead contracted by the firm to provide financial advice and services to clients. While they may receive some support and resources from the firm, they are essentially running their own businesses. This arrangement allows them to have more flexibility and control over their work, but it also means that they are responsible for their own business expenses and income.

What is the difference between an RIA and a financial advisor?

An RIA is a Registered Investment Advisor, which is a type of financial advisor. RIAs are held to a higher standard of care than other financial advisors, and must act in the best interests of their clients. Financial advisors come in many different flavors, but RIAs are fiduciaries, meaning they are required to put their clients' interests first.

What is a discount brokerage? A discount brokerage is a type of financial institution that provides brokerage services to its clients, but does not provide any investment advice or recommendations. Discount brokerages simply execute trades on behalf of their clients, and do not provide any advice on what stocks or other securities to buy or sell. This makes them much less expensive than traditional full-service brokerages, which provide a wide range of services in addition to execution of trades.

What is the wirehouse channel? A wirehouse is a large investment bank that provides securities underwriting, research, and trading services to its clients. Wirehouses also offer other financial services, such as asset management and wealth management.

The wirehouse channel is the group of large investment banks that provide securities underwriting, research, and trading services to their clients. These banks are also known as bulge bracket firms. Is Goldman Sachs a wirehouse? Goldman Sachs is not a wirehouse. A wirehouse is a broker-dealer firm that is affiliated with a large investment bank. Goldman Sachs is an investment bank, but it is not affiliated with a broker-dealer firm.