What You Should Know About C-Notes.

A c-note is a term used to refer to a $100 bill. The "c" in c-note stands for "cent," as in "100 cents." The term c-note is thought to have originated in the early 1900s, when $100 bills were referred to as "cent" notes. What does 50 mean in slang? 50 in business slang typically means "fifty dollars" or "fifty cents." However, it can also mean "a lot of money." Why is money called P's? In the business world, money is often referred to as "P's" because it is a term used to signify profit. When a company makes a profit, it is said to have "turned a profit." If a company does not make a profit, it is said to have "lost money." What is the slang for $100? The slang for $100 is "C-note." What makes a note a note? A note is a written record of something that has been said or done. Notes can be taken for a variety of purposes, including to record information, to communicate with others, or to remind oneself of something. What note is Abraham Lincoln on? Abraham Lincoln is on the $5 bill in the United States.