Are Taxes Due April 15? Tax Deadline Information

Federal Income Tax Deadline

The April 15 tax deadline is moved to the next business day when it falls on a weekend or holiday. This is applicable for 2023, as Tax Day has been moved from April 15 to April 18 due to Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C. Most taxpayers are required to file by April 18, but taxpayers can request an extension to file returns by October 16.

State Deadlines and Extensions

Some states have different deadlines, for instance, May 1 for their tax filing. Moreover, in response to certain natural disasters, the April 18 deadline has been extended in designated disaster areas.

In 2024, most filers will need to submit their taxes by April 15, while taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts will have until April 17. A six-month extension is available using Form 4868, which shifts the due date to October 15, 2024.

On-Time Filing Criteria

The IRS stipulates that paper returns are timely if:

  • They are properly addressed
  • They have sufficient postage
  • They are postmarked by the due date

For electronic filers, timeliness is determined by the transmission date of the return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is April 15 still tax deadline?

No, for 2023, the tax deadline day is on April 18 due to the observance of Emancipation Day.

Are taxes due on the 15th?

Not this year. In 2023, the federal income tax filing deadline for most people is April 18.

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