What Is the Meaning of Stock Corporation?

Stock Corporation Overview A stock corporation is a for-profit company that issues shares of stock to raise money. Shareholders own part of the company and may receive dividends. They also have voting rights on corporate decisions. To form a stock corporation, articles of incorporation are filed. This registers the company and provides basic information. Stock … Read more

Can a LLC Be Publicly Traded?

Can an LLC be public or private? An LLC is naturally a private company, not required to disclose financial information or other company details to the public. A limited liability company, or LLC, is a company that is not a separate entity for tax purposes, such as a partnership or sole proprietorship. In an LLC, … Read more

What Crystals Are Found in Mississippi?

Gemstones and Fossils in Mississippi The first Mississippian Opal was found and confirmed as a Precious Opal variety in 2004. Initially found in Claiborne County, sandstone combined with volcanic ash created these Opals with beautiful play of color. During the Late Devonian period, the northeastern region of Mississippi was submerged under sea. Some marine fossils … Read more