Can You Use a PO Box for an LLC in Nevada? Starting a Nevada LLC

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a popular choice for starting businesses in Nevada. The LLC provides personal asset protection and saves on taxes. With research, you can form an LLC in Nevada without a lawyer.

Business Address and Naming

You can’t use a PO box as your LLC business address in Nevada. Your Nevada LLC must check if its desired name is available. You can hold the name for 90 days by reserving it. You can register under a different legal name if your preferred name isn’t available. Once you choose a name, you can submit an application for a Nevada DBA, allowing you to operate under any name.

Physical Address Requirement

When registering an LLC, you need a physical address. A PO box doesn’t qualify. A registered agent can accept documents for your business. Google doesn’t allow using a PO box for a business address. It leads to poor search rankings and violates their terms of service.

Alternative Address Options

What address choices do you have, though? Virtual Office fits the bill. It is a professional business address that will protect your privacy.

Registered Agent and Compliance

Small business owners who have an LLC need to designate a registered agent for the business. All official notices, government correspondence, and compliance-related documents go to the registered agent. You can’t register your business with a P.O. Box, but you can use a virtual address. You don’t want your state to reject the paperwork you file for your business. When you use a virtual address for your business, you meet legal paperwork requirements.

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