How do I Get a Tattoo License in Ontario?

There is actually no governing body in Canada that “licenses” tattoo artists. An individual does not need a “license” to tattoo in Ontario. Tattoo artists are regulated by Ontario’s Ministry of Health. However, a Tattoo Shop must have a license. Tattoo shops must have valid licenses and submit to health and safety inspections in accordance with public health regulations. 

There are tattoo schools here in Ontario that you can attend. Tattoo artists will also complete an apprenticeship under an experienced tattoo artist. An apprenticeship can be as little as 500 hours to 2,000 hours. Most tattoo shops will only hire skilled and talented artists as the industry is built on reputation and reliability. To see if a tattoo shop is licensed in Ontario, the shop will have to display i’s score from Public Health the same way restaurants do. You can call your local Public Health Office to find out if a tattoo studio is licensed if you are unsure. 

When getting a tattoo in Ontario you will want to make sure the shop has their inspection notice posted and that it has passed the health inspection. The shop should be clean and equipment should be sterilized and the artist should be wearing gloves. You will have to sign a consent form and prove you are over 18 and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol (especially because cannabis is legal in Ontario). There are of course other health and safety issues that you should look for. Checking with the local ministry of health will tell you what to expect. You should also look at the artist’s portfolio and see the other work they’ve done to make sure it’s a good fit. 

In Ontario, the average salary of a tattoo artist is $40,732 CAD per year. A High School Degree is typically the highest education of a tattoo artist in Ontario. 

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