What Type of Industry is Bartending?

Bartending belongs to what is known as the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry includes restaurants, bars, hotels and even things like theme parks. It’s a broad category of fields within the service industry. Bartenders work in a variety of establishments so long as these are licensed to sell alcohol. Beside the obvious bars and taverns, … Read more

How do I Get a Tattoo License in Ontario?

There is actually no governing body in Canada that “licenses” tattoo artists. An individual does not need a “license” to tattoo in Ontario. Tattoo artists are regulated by Ontario’s Ministry of Health. However, a Tattoo Shop must have a license. Tattoo shops must have valid licenses and submit to health and safety inspections in accordance … Read more

Why Do Shopping Carts Have Holes?

Shopping carts are made of metal or a metal and plastic combination. Pure plastic carts (think Target’s red carts), have holes to make for easier cleaning. Mesh and grid designs (more typical of a grocery store) are also easier to clean, but they are lighter to push around when loaded up with heavy groceries. They … Read more

How Profitable is Selling Baby Clothes?

The baby clothes industry is always growing and since birth rates are going up in most places, there will always be a demand for baby related items. Profitability changes based on what type of business you’re looking at. A large corporation that sells in big name department stores and their own chain stores will have … Read more

Which Country Pays Midwives the Most?

This answer depends upon whether you are a midwife or a nurse midwife. (Yes there is a difference). In 2021, Switzerland paid the highest salary for midwives coming in at CHF122,356 or $125,657 USD. Norway comes in second place with a salary of NOK901,858 or $107,921 USD. The US comes in third place at $67,997 … Read more

Are Mobile Bars Legal in Texas?

No. You are not permitted to have a mobile bar in Texas. Liquor license laws in Texas from The Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), require you to have a brick and mortar store in order to serve drinks. This means that food trucks are also not allowed to sell alcohol. A Retail Dealer’s License is required … Read more