How Much Does Disneyland Make a Day in Parking?

According to Get Away Today all six Disneyland parks make around 13 billion dollars each and every day. But how much of that revenue is parking fees? The Orlando Business Journal reports that “Walt Disney World could be earning more than $128 million a year in parking fees alone.” That means Disney makes about $350,684 USD per day on parking.

How Much Does it Cost to Park at Disneyland?
Current daily parking fees for one car or motorcycle is $30 USD. For oversized vehicles the fee for the day is $35 USD while a bus or tractor trailer will cost you $40 USD per day. 

Parking fees can increase if you want to get special passes that make parking more convenient.

How Much Time Do You Spend Waiting in Line for Rides?
We’ve all been there! You’re excited heading off to your favorite theme park, revving up to hit all your favorite rides only to stand in line and wait. So how much time do you really spend waiting to go on a ride that lasts a few short minutes? 

The average wait times on the most popular rides can be approximately three hours during peak season. Less busy times at a theme park can see wait times of anywhere between 10 and 70 minutes.

That’s not too bad considering 501million people visit theme parks annually all across the globe. 

How Much Time Do You Spend Waiting in Line in a Lifetime?
Studies have shown the average person spends 6 whole months of their lives waiting in lines. This includes bus rides, checkouts at stores, and theme parks. New technology is coming out constantly that allows you to have a virtual tool that “saves your spot” in line so you don’t physically have to stand there the whole time. As this technology advances we may be able to get some of those 6 months back.

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