How Much is a Mobile Liquor License in Florida?

The cost of a liquor licence in Florida depends on what type of licence you need. 1APS licence is for Beer Package Sales, will cost between $20 and $100. 1COP licence is for Beer Consumption on Premises, will cost between $40 and $200. 2APS which is for Beer and Wine Package Sales will cost between $60 and $140. A 2COP licence which is for Beer and Wine Consumption on Premises costs between $120 and $280. If you are intending to serve Beer, Wine and Liquor the licence fees go up even higher putting you in the 4 to 7 APS,COP categories etc. which can cost anywhere from $624 to $1820 depending on which one you need. 

If you own a club, a performance art venue or are a caterer, you need to apply for a specific licence appropriate to what you are running. For lodges and clubs, you’re looking at fees around $400 while the American Legion licence is $500. Performance arts and private golf clubs are both around $400. Caterers are expected to pay $1820.

Liquor licences and annual fees are based on population size currently in the country, but the above numbers are appropriate for 2022.

You can also apply for a temporary licence in Florida which is about ¼ the cost of a permanent licence. This would come in handy if you are having a pop-up, an event or festival, or something seasonal. Of course you need to find out exactly which category your bar or restaurant or event requires so you are obtaining the correct licence and paying the appropriate fees. 

In 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government allowed  a new license that let bar owners sell drinks to people to take home, the same way we get coffee to go. This allowed bar owners to still make alcohol sales when people were stuck at home.

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