What Is Another Name for a Wine Store? Wine and Liquor Outlets

Defining Wine Stores

A wine store is also called a wine shop or wine boutique. These shops sell many kinds of wine from different places.

Liquor Stores and Industry

Liquor stores, also known as package stores or spirit shops, sell a broader range of alcohol than wine stores, such as beer, whiskey, and liqueurs. The alcoholic drinks offered include beer, wine, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and tequila. The US alcohol industry generates about $50 billion per year. The largest liquor store chain in the US is known as DaveCo.

Naming and Distribution

Wine names are derived from the location where the grapes are grown, the types of grapes used, or they might be invented names. Terms related to liquor stores often connect to the idea of spirits because of alcohol’s historical association with spirits.

In the UK, establishments known as off-licenses sell alcohol intended for consumption off the premises. In Nordic countries, except for Denmark, alcohol retail is governmental. Nowadays, supermarkets and general retailers like Walmart and Target, along with delivery services like Instacart, also sell alcohol, including liquor, beer, and wine. Some liquor store names incorporate both the location and the store name.

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