Where Is the Best Place to Live in Wyoming? Best Places to Live in Wyoming

Wyoming offers diverse landscapes, from mountains in the west to high plains in the east.

Living Options

  • Cheyenne, the state capital, has a rich cultural heritage.
  • Buffalo appeals to those tiring of city life.
  • Laramie’s low cost of living and university make it attractive for families.
  • Jackson’s dense suburban feel appeals to home owners and families.
  • Gillette’s job opportunities and low cost of living are advantages.
  • The Wyoming Medical Center in Casper provides quality healthcare.

Cost of Living

Housing drives up Wyoming’s cost of living index. Median home prices are $272,700.


When deciding on the best part of Wyoming to live or the cheapest place to reside, consider the unique benefits each city offers, from cultural heritage in Cheyenne to the suburban appeal in Jackson and the university presence in Laramie.

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