What is the quantity demanded?

In terms of economía, the concept of quantity demanded is used to refer to the set of units of the same product, good or service whose value and price is accepted by a consumer when it is acquired. In other words, the quantity demanded is that economic percentage for which a consumer is willing to pay for said product, good or service.

So is quantity demanded the same as demand?

In some cases the quantity demanded is interpreted as demand and in reality they are not the same. The demand, will always be the result of an equation of the demand itself. On the other hand, the quantity demanded will only be the quantity demanded at a certain level of cost or price. In addition, to understand the difference between quantity demanded and demand, it is important to bear in mind that when we talk about quantity demanded we are talking about a global number of products that are claimed, but when we talk about demand, we are talking directly about the action that leads to acquiring said product.

For this reason, all those demand changes that occur will always do so with respect to the values ​​of the demand function. This is nothing more than the result of an interaction between the quantity and the price of the product.

How is the quantity demanded obtained?

If we put ourselves in the context of the law of VALUE and demand, the quantity demanded helps us to understand what consumer behavior is like. Hence, to obtain the quantity demanded we have to resort to a demand table.

What this demand table does is provide a relationship between the quantity demanded and the price at which it is demanded.

What influences the quantity demanded?

Since the quantity demanded is determined by the consumer, it may vary depending on the per capita income of said consumer. The market always varies according to the economic quantity that consumers and families have at their disposal, in such a way that this affects demand. Therefore, as income increases, the quantity demanded will increase and as income decreases, the quantity demanded will decrease.

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