Senior Debt.

Senior debt is a type of corporate debt that has priority over other debts in the event of bankruptcy. In other words, senior debt holders will be paid first if the company goes bankrupt. Senior debt is often issued in the form of bonds. What is included in long term debt? Debt that is due … Read more

Pension Shortfall.

A pension shortfall is the difference between the amount of money that an individual has saved for retirement and the amount of money that they will need to maintain their standard of living in retirement. The size of the pension shortfall will depend on a number of factors, including the individual’s life expectancy, the rate … Read more

Standby Letters of Credit: A Deeper Look.

Standby Letters of Credit: A Closer Look What are the types of letter? There are many types of letters related to loans. Some common types of letters include: – Loan application letters – Loan denial letters – Loan acceptance letters – Loan modification letters – Loan payoff letters – Loan discharge letters – Loan default … Read more