Timing Risk.

When trading, there is always the risk that the timing of your trade may be off, and you may end up buying or selling an asset at a bad time. This is called timing risk. There are a few ways to mitigate timing risk. One is to use a stop-loss order, which automatically sells an … Read more

What is a Short Sale on a House?

Process, Alternatives, and Mistakes to Avoid. Short Sale on a House: Process, Alternatives, Mistakes to Avoid. Is short selling better than buying? Short selling is not inherently better than buying, but it can be a more advantageous strategy in certain situations. For instance, if you need to sell your home quickly and the market is … Read more

Centralized Market Definition.

A centralized market definition is a method of defining a market in which the market is defined by a central authority. This central authority may be a government agency, a regulatory body, or an exchange. The centralized market definition is used to establish the rules and regulations for the market, as well as to determine … Read more