Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968 (CCPA).

The Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968 (CCPA) is a federal law that protects consumers from unfair and deceptive credit practices. The CCPA establishes several important consumer rights, including the right to privacy, the right to fair credit reporting, and the right to fair debt collection. The CCPA also regulates the credit reporting industry and … Read more

Bayes’ Theorem: The Formula and Examples.

. Bayes’ Theorem. What makes something Bayesian? There are a few key things that make something Bayesian. First, Bayesian methods use probability to represent uncertainty. This is in contrast to other methods, which may use other measures, such as the median or mode. Second, Bayesians update their beliefs in light of new evidence. This is … Read more

IRS Publication 970: Education Tax Benefits.

IRS Publication 970: Tax Benefits for Education This document from the IRS provides an overview of the tax benefits available for education expenses. Is the Lifetime Learning Credit available in 2022? Yes, the Lifetime Learning Credit is available in 2022. Who qualifies for the education tax credit? The education tax credit is a tax benefit … Read more